LILMOON 1-DAY Cream Beige

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Japan's top model Rola's been sporting a pair of deliciously light hazel eyes lately, and it's all thanks to her LILMOON Cream Beige color contacts! These dreamy 3-tone hazel contacts feature a honey-colored base, splashed with light brown and peppered with flecks of grey, mimicking the reflection of light in the eyes. What's the most special thing about these LILMOON hazel contacts? The limbal ring. It's not solid, it's not dashed; it's gradated. This means zero harsh or unnatural edges and a pattern that seamlessly transitions into your own iris. These the most realistic a pair of prescription colored contacts can get!

  • LILMOON Cream Beige hazel contacts have been seen on Wengie, one of Australia’s top beauty and lifestyle Youtubers.
  • Available in both non prescription and myopia prescription (power 0.00 ~ -6.00)
  • Sold as a box containing 10 lenses of the same power. Please order 2 boxes if you have a different power for each eye.
  • LILMOON cosmetic contacts are made by PIA using dual-layered HEMA EGDMA clear hydrogel, sandwiching the printed pattern. This protects the pigment from physically contacting the eye. In addition, they have 38% moisture content for all-day wearability and itch-free comfort.

BC 8.6 | DIA 14.4mm | GRAPHIC DIA 13.8mm | Water Content: 38%